Botanical Dye Organic Cotton Socks - Berry Fade - XS

Botanical Dye Organic Cotton Socks - Berry Fade - XS

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Organic cotton socks naturally dyed with cochineal and iron.

Socks are made in the USA - 100% organic cotton grown by Fox Fibre in California.

85% certified organic cotton, 10% stretch nylon (outer foot), and 5% elastic, rubber core covered with nylon (inner top)

Care instructions ~

Hand wash with cool water & eco-friendly/pH neutral soap (woolite works), and line dry away from direct sunlight. Avoid anything acidic, as this will shift or remove color (such as white wine, citrus fruits, etc). Store away from direct sunlight. As with all color derived from nature, the color is 'alive' and will evolve over time, as it is sensitive to external elements such as pH and sunlight, so please follow these instructions for best results over time.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns prior to purchase as I am unable to accept returns or exchanges. I do my best to portray the product accurately in the images you see here, but please note that there may be some slight variations from item to item due to the nature of the hand-dyed process using all natural materials.

Sock sizing:

If you have any questions feel free to reach out before purchasing.

XS: women's 3-6.5 shoe / youth large (your actual foot measures 7-9")

S: women's 7-9 shoe, men's 4.5-7.5 (your actual foot measures 9-11")

M: women's 9-12 shoe, men's 7.5-10.5 (your actual foot measures 11-13")

L: women's 12-15 shoe, men's 10.5-13.5 (your actual foot measures 13-15")